Louis – NYC Yoga Project Ambassador (2016-2017)


Louis is a chef, musician, marathon runner, Spartan racer and a person with a good heart and strong values. Louis came from a troubled home filled with emotional and physical violence. He adapted to the streets of Brooklyn as a means to survive which led him to challenging situations. At the age of 24, Louis gave up this old way of being, committed to hard work in an effort to change his way of thinking and behavior. Louis used physical activity as a means to ground himself. It has been through his commitment to yoga and meditation that Louis has found an outlet for peace and calm in his body and mind. 


Mariah – NYC Yoga Project Ambassador (2015-2016)

Mariah is a former undocumented Immigrant born in Trinidad, who came to America at the tender age of 6 where she and family settled in Brooklyn, NY. At a young age, Mariah endured physical and emotional hardship, yet she stood against the odds and didn't allow negative experiences keep her from happiness. Mariah used her personal struggle to strengthen herself and now strengthens others through sharing her personal experience. In 2014, Mariah began practicing with NYC Yoga Project at Atlas DIY, an incubator of education, empowerment and community for undocumented youth and their allies. It’s here where she discovered yoga on a deeper level and through her mentor, is pursuing her dreams of becoming a nail technician and developing her own brand of sustainable self-care products.